The benefits of working outdoors

TruGreen presents a fantastic opportunity to work in the great outdoors enabling franchise owners to soak in the natural beauty of the many gardens they will come to treat throughout the year.

Latest research confirms that being outside makes us happy according to Not only does it make us happier, but it also helps to:

Operating a business in the great outdoors helps you to achieve the five benefits listed above, all whilst making a living and building an investment for the future.

As TruGreen is an all-year-round business, you’ll experience all of the seasons from the glorious and sunny, to the crisp and fresh winter days. It’s the best of both worlds. In extreme weather conditions such as snow and heatwaves, we don’t operate to full capacity and often change up treatments to accommodate for days not worked. Therefore, revenue and productivity aren’t greatly negatively impacted.

So if you’re looking for a way to escape the corporate 9-5 office, or even ‘home office’ job, contact our team today to discuss our available territories and next discovery sessions.

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