Franchisee Focus – Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell is the proud owner of TruGreen Downlands covering Marlborough, Lambourn, Wantage and parts of North Wessex. Jonathan has owned his business for just coming up to 5 years and answered the following questions for us:

Q. What made you want to own your own business?

A. “I have always liked the idea of running my own business and after 30 years of managing other peoples businesses I found myself in a position where I could fulfil that dream.”

Q. Why did you choose to partner up with TruGreen franchise? 

A. “I chose TruGreen as the franchisor because I felt that the strongest part of set up was the technical support. After years in business I wanted to know that I could access quality technical advice and support about lawncare. That said, the ServiceMaster corporate structure was attractive to me because it echoed previous experiences from working with large companies.”

Q. What would your advice be to someone looking to start a franchise? 

A. “My advice would be to share what worked for me. I looked at a number of different types of franchise before I focussed on lawncare. Then I visited as many franchisors in lawncare as I could. This allowed me to understand the variations, strengths and weaknesses of each offer and ultimately finding the one I thought was the best fit for me.”

Q. Do you have a testimonial for your partnership with us? 

A. “From the first contact my dealings with TruGreen have been professional. This continues to be the case. I chose TruGreen because I thought that they offered the best support around the technical aspects of lawncare and I have not been disappointed.”

We thank Jonathan for his time in chatting with us and we hope that you find his answers helpful in your decision making process.

If you’d like to chat to Jonathan, any of our franchise owners, or us, register your interest by email at or call 0116 275 9005 to speak to our recruitment team.