Grow a healthy and profitable business fast with TruGreen  

Want a healthily growing business that makes sizable profits fast?

Of course, you do!

At TruGreen UK, we know what it takes to grow a healthy and profitable business.

With over 40 years as leaders in the lawn care industry and known as the world’s largest lawn care brand, we’ll help you nurture a fast-growing lawn care business.

Through our tried and tested business model, we give you the tools and expertise you need to make upwards of £125,000 gross profit in the first two years.


We’re experts in lawn care and business, and we hope that, in joining our network, you are too.

Through the support of our dedicated franchise network and support team at ServiceMaster Brands UK, we give you everything you need to plant the right seeds for success.

We’re not just providing the seeds – but the tools and resources to foster growth too.

Through our comprehensive training academy, you can be a novice or expert in lawn care.

You’ll leave equipped with knowledge in all aspects of the business, from operations to sales and marketing, and access to a wide range of resources and equipment to start delivering a premier lawn care service to customers in your area.

Also included…

Our patented business management system.

Known as BMS, this handy tool helps you track leads, customers, revenue and more.

We also offer a Brand Hub, curated by our dedicated team of marketing experts, providing all the materials and information for marketing physically and online in one place and accessible at the push of a button.

Seasons of growth

In the first year, it’ll be hands-on.

As an owner-operated business, you’ll be out and about in a TruGreen van, aerating, scarifying and fertilising (amongst other processes) lawns for happy customers near you.

At TruGreen, as we work in the great outdoors, we follow the cycles of the seasons, with March to May being the busiest time of the year.

But don’t worry.

Come the winter, you’ll still be busy, as proper lawn care is ongoing and regular.

As the cycles of the natural world keep turning, so does the life of your business, as you can turn over up to £72,000 in Sales Revenue and £55,000 in Gross Profit in the first year alone.

And with a healthy profit in your pocket, you can start preparing for expansion as you grow your business yearly, to expand your fleets, bring on technicians and put more vans on the road.

Following this growth cycle, you can grow your business healthily with a great return and over 70% gross profits.

Each of our territories has a minimum of 120,000 households, with 40,000 of them being ABC1 demographics.

And with 87% of properties in the UK estimated to have a garden, the lawn care market houses unprecedented growth opportunities for those willing to grasp that nettle.

Take the first step towards a greener future today by enquiring with TruGreen UK.

Call 0116 275 9000 to learn about opportunities near you today.