How TruGreen helps you grow within the lawn care market

Growing Lawns: A flourishing market

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you want the best for your business.

Naturally, a vital assessment to make before you invest is that of the market you’ll be working and trading in.

With so many markets, identifying the right market for you is essential.

We’ve worked in the lawn care market for over 30 years, making us best-placed to help savvy investors capitalise on the growth opportunity.

Here’s all you need to know about the lawn care market.

  1. Market Size

The size of the lawn care market is constantly growing.

87% of households in the UK have a garden, which equates to over 23 million homes in the UK where you can make money. And counting…

Over 200,000 new homes are built in the UK each year, meaning your investment value grows yearly, too.

  1. Urgency and desire for service

Homeowners in the UK are trending to follow that of the United States, where the lawn care market was born and is estimated to be valued at around $100 billion annually.

Time-poor but house-proud residents know the value of a lush green lawn free of weeds.

But, they often struggle to maintain the garden on their own.

There are many reasons for homeowners to desire professional lawn care treatments.

Whether that is to save time, energy, and money or to make the neighbours green with envy,

Homeowners facing damage from increased weather issues (which have also increased in recent years) have a more pressing need for professional treatment.

In these situations, lawn care professionals are often the only option for desperate lawn lovers needing urgent, expert help.

Moreover, in some cases, lawn care professionals become essential due to their access to exclusive products and equipment.

This growing desire has contributed to the development of the market.

All this means the market has a 1.78% CAGR 2024-2028.

  1. Financial Performance and Pricing Potential

The per-person revenue in the lawn and garden market in the UK in 2024 (using total population figures) is around £133.

In contrast, the average customer spend for a TruGreen franchise business is £285 a year – with the potential to grow to £384 by Year 5!

A 1% market share in a territory of 166,815 households amounts to 1668 customers.

Therefore, the estimated average revenue potential annually is around half a million pounds!

  1. Evergreen potential

Evergreen potential is the amount of an offering that requires less additional work to continue to sell your product.

Working on a TruGreen business requires repeated, concerted sales and marketing efforts.

These are easily differentiated by quarter to be seasonally repeated.

As an investor, your focus is in a business development capacity, working with us to grow your operation, with the goal of growth and expansion through oversight.

However, the repeated nature of the sales and marketing content means that much of our offering is evergreen, and any changes that do occur within the market or from an operational standpoint will be forecast and managed through our centralised team of experts and support staff.

Are you looking to invest in a flourishing market?

If you want to invest in a business that capitalises on a thriving market, look no further than TruGreen UK.

To learn more about what we offer and how we support you to succeed in the lucrative lawn care market, book a TruGreen brand intro call with our Franchise Recruitment Manager today.