Meet the Brand Leader

Meet the TruGreen Brand Leader 

Steve Welch joined TruGreen 11 years ago, to lead our franchise brand. With his expertise in the wonderful world of lawn care, Steve has a wealth of knowledge which he imparts to our TruGreen business owners.

With over 40 years’ experience in lawn care, Steve is the perfect fit to support the franchisees in both the technical and operational aspects of the TruGreen lawn care franchise.

It is essential for an individual to join a brand with a leader who is motivated, experienced and has a wealth of expertise. Steve is always on hand to answer any questions, provide further information and offer guidance in a range of scenarios.

Feedback from existing TruGreen business owners is always glowing…

“The level of knowledge and expertise brand manager, Steve Welch has on lawn care is second to none.”– Martin Horton – TruGreen East Hertfordshire & North Essex

What is the role of a Brand Leader?

The role of a Brand Leader is vast. Not only is it their responsibility to maintain brand integrity, but it is to also ensure that franchise owners are supported in their business from a technical and operational perspective.

Brand Leaders are responsible for innovation, setting the direction of travel and researching and developing new initiatives to take their brand even further.

Above all, it is the Brand Leaders responsibility to champion the brand.

For more information on the TruGreen Brand from our Brand Leader, Steve Welch – call 0116 275 9005 or email to arrange a free, no obligation chat