New lawncare franchise in Cardiff

“Oh, what’s occurring?!” A new lawncare business in Cardiff, that’s what! A new lawn care business has been launched in Cardiff, The Vale & Bridgend by local entrepreneurs Peter and Michelle Lewis.

Peter and Michelle have both been in the banking sector, specifically in IT since 1980, managing big data migrations for European clients. They decided one day they’d had enough of the corporate banking world and went on the search for greener pastures, that’s where they came across TruGreen and the rest was history!

They are both very keen travellers, love to grab their backpacks and trek around the world while raising money for Marie Curie of which they have raised over £50,000 in the last two years.

“We decided to choose TruGreen as it stood out from the other opportunities we looked into, especially with it incorporating a healthy lifestyle. Even before we started our business the TruGreen and ServiceMaster staff have been friendly and very supportive.” Said Peter, Co-owner of TruGreen Cardiff, The Vale & Bridgend.

As the two of them are keen gardeners they both agreed that a lawn care business was the perfect opportunity for them to continue their hobby, and make money from something they love to do.

“I have an MBE in Business & Administration, so will be the main person for the structuring of the business, however, we want to both be out and about assisting the local residents in saving the environment by keeping fake grass away and creating green luscious and healthy lawns instead. Plus, we both HATE WEEDS!” Added Michelle, Co-owner of TruGreen Cardiff, The Vale & Bridgend.

For the first year of business, Peter and Michelle are wanting to grow their business and be known as the premier lawn care company in the South Wales area.

“It is great to welcome Peter and Michelle Lewis to TruGreen Professional Lawncare, and I am sure that their focussed approach to business and in-depth knowledge of the local area, will prove another major asset to the ever-growing TruGreen Network, in offering our customers the very best in bespoke lawncare.” Added TruGreen Brand Manager, Steve Welch

You can contact TruGreen Cardiff here.