Rich Lawns – TruGreen Franchise YouTube channel reaches 10,000 views

At TruGreen Franchise, marketing is extremely important to us. In particular, digital and social media marketing.

We are committed to growing the brand so that our franchise owners and end-customers can reap the benefits of us doing so. One of our recent projects was to work closely with a willing business owner, to produce a YouTube channel.

Richard Young of TruGreen Milton Keynes was excited to work with us to create an exclusive YouTube channel surrounding his business and the services he offers. As such, ‘Rich Lawn’s was born.

The idea behind the channel is to showcase the services TruGreen provide a less ‘salesy’ way, by bring personality to the brand and helping others with their lawn care.

Over the past 7 months, the channel has grown pretty well, now on 241 subscribers by growing by 20+ subscribers a week.

Having reached a huge milestone of 10,000 views, our Social Media and Communications Coordinator couldn’t be happier with his and Richard’s efforts.

A lot of time has gone in to creating the content for the channel including filming, editing and posting, but it’s all proving to be extremely worthwhile.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of lawn care Richard brings personality and a bit of comedy to his videos engaging the viewers and encourages them to get involved. Feel free to head over to the channel today and give us a few thumbs up and maybe even hit that subscribe button and the notification bell.

If you’re interested in joining a franchise where digital marketing, brand building and awareness is at the heart of everything, contact us today to learn more.

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