Spring into our ‘Golden Quarter’ by purchasing a lawn care business today

Now is the most profitable time to own a lawn care business for several reasons. For starters, it is the optimal time for many of our lawn care processes like aeration and scarification, which are best carried out when the ground is warmer and dryer.

The start of Spring also means more people start thinking about or using their gardens. As a result, this period is the peak time for new customer enquiries and acquisitions. This is not to say that making a profit in a TruGreen business is a seasonal affair. Much like lawn care, you get out what you put in, as the majority of our treatments can be carried out year-round, including several that are best applied in Autumn.

Essentially, in the Spring, we can take advantage of all of the benefits that nature provides us at this time. For example, by utilising this period effectively to promote strong grass growth, TruGreen customers can achieve improved quality and appearance earlier in the year. All of this and more leads to high levels of customer satisfaction year-round.

In fact, many of our TruGreen business owners say they have found that due to their commitment to quality lawn care demonstrated in the Summer months, the majority of their customers become used to a high standard of lawn quality and commit to receiving year-round treatments.

But don’t just take our word for it, visit the brand new and improved TruGreen Franchise website and check out these videos to hear what our franchisees are saying about owning a lawn care business.

Your journey

Whether you’re an experienced industry professional, or entirely new to the lawn care industry and franchising, our comprehensive training academy makes sure that you learn all the necessary processes and disciplines to run a flourishing lawn care business. As part of your introduction to TruGreen, you’ll receive a starter pack that includes machinery, uniforms, products, a branded vehicle wrap, and everything else you’ll need to take your first step in your TruGreen franchise journey.

By purchasing a TruGreen business, you’ll also be joining a supportive and professional network of like-minded business owners, who have all been in the same position you have. As a TruGreen franchise owner, you have access to a wealth of industry professionals like TruGreen Brand Leader Steve Welch and Marketing Manager Sian Lovatt. Allowing you to receive around the clock support to help in all aspects of your business, from lawn care queries to recruitment, training, marketing and any other area of business support that you can think of.

If you’d like to own your own business that lets you spend your springs outside, register your interest in a TruGreen business by filling out a contact form or giving our friendly franchise sales team a call on 0116 275 9005 today.