What are the Advantages of Franchising?

What can franchising do for you?

Franchising is a relationship between franchisor and franchisee wherein the latter buys into a brand to trade under their brand name using their products, services, and business model.

But why is this beneficial?

At TruGreen, we have been franchising in the UK since 2004 under the franchisor ServiceMaster Ltd, one of the founding members of the British Franchise Association in 1977.

So, it’s fair to say we know a fair bit about franchising.

There are many advantages of franchising for aspiring entrepreneurs, and we’ll discuss them in this blog post.

  1. Reduced risk

For anyone starting a new business, there is an element of risk involved?

Are your products and services good? Will people buy from you? What happens if something goes wrong?

With a franchise, you quiet many nagging worries that plague new business owners by working with people who have done it all before.

A franchisor knows their model works, they know its services sell – and the market for them.

Should you encounter an issue, it is likely that the franchisor and other franchisees in your network have been there before and already have a solution.

If you work with a top franchisor like ServiceMaster Brands UK, the risk of your business failing is greatly reduced compared to striking out on your own.

  1. An established brand

As a franchise, you’ll work with an established brand name.

Brand awareness is a vital part of any business’s marketing strategy.

As a franchisee, you’re not building this from the ground up, as your brand is likely to already have a presence in your area and the psyche of your prospective customers.

This can give you an edge over competitors, help to inspire customer advocacy and loyalty and provide you with more sales opportunities.

  1. Quality leadership and lower operating costs

As your franchisor, we will train you and help you identify the best strategies to manage your business operations effectively while keeping your costs low.

Operating as a franchise, especially one that has been trading for as long as we have, means you follow a business model that has been tailor-made to create IMPACT as effectively as possible.

You’ll do this while working to a budget relative and curated to the business model and estimation of where you should be at every stage of your business journey – from the beginning of day one to the end of your time with us.

We’re also working hard to make our business more sustainable – including how we conduct our administration and support processes.

At TruGreen, our work is all about keeping it green, from the lawns our franchisees work on, to the centralised support they can access.

This year, we’re curating environmentally conscious practices by moving to digital for our franchise resources for both recruitment and support – meaning that we create less carbon emissions and waste, while still supporting our franchisees to thrive.

This can roll out across our entire network with the larger support function we can provide as a franchisor, and would be harder to implement as a standalone business.

Furthermore, this also becomes a selling point for our franchisees, who can help their customers feel secure in the knowledge that they are working with an ethical and responsible company.

  1. Simplified procurement processes

Another advantage of franchising is access to quality suppliers and better deals, so you’re not marketing or advertising from scratch.

Our six-strong marketing team is dedicated to supporting you with your local marketing plans and delivering nationwide campaigns and strategies that boost the brand’s profile brand across the UK.

We’ll also conduct market research on the best potential locations and share the findings with you.

Your business will benefit from these promotions managed by us as the franchisor through the brand awareness, recognition and advocacy they generate.

We’ll also conduct market research on the best potential locations and share the findings with you.

This can also mean that any local procurement and partnership you wish to undertake will be made easier through our support.

For example, TruGreen was recently privileged to be the first lawn care provider in the UK to provide Acelepryn treatments for leatherjackets and chafer grubs.

See what a TruGreen franchise can do for you

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself with a TruGreen franchise, and capitalise on the massive opportunity in the expanding UK lawn care market by contacting our franchise sales team today.

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