What our Franchisees Love about Owning a TruGreen Business

Happy Valentine’s Day from TruGreen!

In keeping with the theme of the day, we’re sharing the love. We asked the franchise owners within our national network to share what it is that they love about franchising, and owning a TruGreen business.

Whether it’s being a part of an established network of friendly franchisees, or working with a trusted and dependable business model, there’s a lot to love about owning a TruGreen business. As Dominic Haydon from TruGreen West Sussex will tell you:

“Being part of TruGreen is more than just owning a franchise. The regular meetings and breakfast club online really make you feel that you belong. In any business you have challenges and uncertainty, belonging allows you to share those with the wider group of owners and TruGreen themselves. Having that support drives you forward to succeed in business, but also offers a culture that supports you and allows you to support others.”

For Richard Young from TruGreen Milton Keynes and West Northants, the best part about owning a TruGreen franchise is the network support:

“What I love about franchising with TruGreen is the constant & consistent support I receive from Steve Welch (Operation Support Manager). I have lost count over the last twelve months how many times I have called Steve from a customer’s lawn & FaceTime.

An extra set of eyes & ears just to confirm my analysis of the lawn is correct & the best route forward to get the lawn back into shape. Steve’s knowledge, support & advice has proved invaluable to me. I would go as far as saying Steve appears to know more about grass than most cow’s do!”

If you’re looking to start a new business that will allow you to spread happiness to garden lovers and receive top notch support from our brilliant network, make an enquiry with us, and join our network of satisfied franchisees today. Upon purchasing a business with us, you will take part in one of our comprehensive training academies, to help you get to grips with the TruGreen values, strategies and methods. No matter your experience of the lawncare industry, franchising, or the stage of your journey, we will be there to support you every step of the way.

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster